Saturday, March 15, 2008

A very scary trip to the ER for Maddison

Here is a few pictures from today with our girls laughing, playing, and having fun. However, this was not the case on Thursday. Maddison fell, and hit her mouth. Her mouth full of blood, Jeff scooped her up and of course I take her to see. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head, her body went completely limp, and she lost consciousness for a few seconds. After she came back she was alert and crying hysterically. We rinsed her mouth to find the source of the bleeding. We called the emergency excange at Children's Hospital. There was a piece of tissue/skin? that connects the gums to the lip and it was stuck in between her front two teeth. We went to the ER to get her checked out. They observed her for a possible head trauma and said her gums were fine. Either she worked it out on the way there or it was just swollen and we were panicked. In the end, everything was fine. The next day she was very cautious about walking. I'm afraid it takes a few falls to get to perfection. That has to be the scariest moment I have ever experienced. Now she is happy, playing, and laughing once again. Life is good and precious!

On another note, less than 2 weeks until their FIRST birthday. It's a princess theme....only fitting!


The Garver Family said...

I am glad that all turned out okay. I know how you proably felt, I get upset when Rylee just bumps her head.
Cameron's hair is getting long!!!

The Garver Family said...

Sorry I spelled Cameryn name wrong on the last comment!!!!

Jason & Katie said...

Oh April - the first of many injuries! I will never forget Colin breaking his foot and getting stitches to only get them replaced twice as he rebusted them open. I barely made it through that. I was on the floor with my head between my legs trying to keep it together! I am so glad she is ok - Have fun with their first birthday!! Cannot wait to see pictures.