Sunday, March 23, 2008


This is the twins' second Easter, only because it fell early this year. Wow, what a difference between being one week old and now almost one YEAR old. The Easter bunny came and left them a unbelievably soft bunny rabbit, a bath time book, some sippie cups, and some Easter eggs filled with Cherrios and Gerber Puffs. Of course, they are only (almost) one and I told the Easter bunny we have very strict rules about sweets. They also got a Little Tykes Kitchen to add to the other 2 kitchens that we already have. After a short nap, we headed off to church where it was a magnificent production. The only thing bad about it, 2 little girls who were sitting behind us had CROUP!!!! You all know me and my fear of germs and sickness. I almost got up to move. Who sends their little ones to church with Croup. It's so contagious. So now I'm worried that they will catch it before their birthday party. Onward we Grandma's house. Maddison absolutely loved the dogs and ESPECIALLY the cat. She was so gentle and cuddly with Grandma and Papa's kitty. I was so bummed we didn't bring our camcorder to tape it. It was so cute. Cameryn was absolutely terrified of both the dogs and cat. Which was an exact opposite change from our last visit. After a wonderful meal, we came home to take a nice Easter's Nap...everybody! And, can you believe there was snow on Easter??? I thought we were done with that white stuff!5 more days until their 1st birthday! Tons of things to do to prepare! We hope you had a blessed Easter and remember why we really celebrate this special event!

The Woollard Family

Cameryn is in green and Maddison is in pink


About Me said...

The girls look very cute in thier Easter dresses. Looks like they had a blast. Jenny