Monday, April 28, 2008

Adding a new layout

Okay, I am trying to change the layout/template on this blogspot page. I need a little help. I tried going to pyzam or like websites, however it is not working. I also lost all of my pics/links to the right of my screen too. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Looking for something cute to go with my twin theme. TIA!

Guess who's 30?


Thursday, April 24, 2008

My girls

Maddison and Cameryn
Maddison (above)

Sombraros in order for a mexican celebration when April turned 30.

Maddison above...I just love hats!
My Cameryn Grace
Figuring out how to make "Sally" the Discovery Toy doll sing
AHHH! I've got the "go go caterpillar" now, you can't get me!
How could you not smile when you see this little girl's toothy grin?
Sorry it's been a few weeks since I have posted pics and updates. It's been extremely busy here. Cameryn is such a pro now that she is walking. Maddison may do things first but it's Cameryn who waits, observes, and does things right the first time. Now that they are both mobile,...times are a changing! They are EVERYWHERE!!!! They are also saying all kinds of words. Yes, This, That, dog, duck, dada, mama(maddison) , keys, cheese. And the cutest thing is that when they drop something or something happens, they shrug their shoulders as to say, "What happened" with this oh so surprised looks on their faces. Although the throwing of the sippie cups has gotten pretty old for me...but not for them lol. Finally some nice weather! We take advantage of it everyday that we have it!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Partners In Crime

While I am unloading the dishwasher, I realize it is TOOOO quiet! This is what I find....and of course it's a brand new roll of toilet paper.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Party Pics!

Cameryn with the light pink streamers


So here it is...the pictures from the twins' first birthday party! What a celebration we had. The girls did REALLY well. They did not get overwhelmed by all the people, no crying, all happy girls! Cameryn Grace whole heartedly dove into her cake, while Maddison wanted nothing to do with it. She is my picky eater who hates anything new and ooey-gooey. They got lots of presents...and some really cool ones at that! Lets see...a bubble mower, a fisher price computer, laugh and learn puppy, laugh and learn house, laugh and learn piggy bank, laugh and learn storybook ryhmes, little tykes shopping cart, laugh and learn vacuums, a baby arcade, lots of great books, stuffed animals, a vtech learn to read, laugh and learn chair, gardening kit, some cute adidas outfits, block puzzles, learning wooden blocks, peeka block train, donations for their M.O.S.T college funds, and moo-la.....I think that about does it. I think we are set on toys for the next year or so! Whew! They had a lot of are some pictures from their party.