Friday, February 29, 2008

The twins are 11 months old (yesterday)

Cameryn Grace Our Sweet Princess
(if you can read her shirt it even says it!)

Big Sister Maddison (by 12 minutes)
In this picture she looks like her daddy!

Wow how I can't believe time flies. As Jeff and I were reflecting over the past 11 months, we are amazed at how much we forgot. I wish that we could take back the the months when they had such awful reflux that we dreaded every feeding. They were so small then and we would love to hold them one more time at that age. I think I might even shed a tear or two on their 1st birthday because I don't want them to grow up... Yet I am so excited about the future. Jeff will be glad though for one reason...we can turn Cameryn Grace's carseat around and he will have a lot more leg room. He says we will travel a lot more then.I'll stop rambling and share their 11 month pictures with you. Happy Leap Year Day!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who is ready for Spring?

Maddison Cameryn Grace


Cameryn Grace
I am ready for winter to retire for another year. Spring and warm weather, we need you now!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Best Palz

They are absolutely loving bathtime now! It's so much fun to watch them splash and play and giggle. I love being a mommy and watching these priceless moments! Thank You God!!!


Look out when you open the refrigerator. Two very quick babies can take over in a snap. Update for this week: Maddison is taking between 4-6 steps per walking adventure. We are so proud of her. She is imitating sounds and words. The other day we were looking at their night light (which she is infatuated with) and I said light and she said "ight" and also for birdy she said "bubu" Getting the first letter correct and the number of syllables that I said. Such a smart girl she is. Each baby is at their own pace and we celebrate each baby as an individual for accomplishments. Cameryn loves to shred toilet paper and throw things into the bathtub. I should have got a picture instead of cleaning it up right away. The bathroom was COVERED in toilet paper with guilty little smiles from Cameryn Grace and Maddison so proud of their ripping abilities. Everyday is an adventure in the Woollard house that's for sure!!!

Jeff and I on a rare night out together (since the twins were born)


Staying Home on A Cold and Snowy Day

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Can you tell us apart?

What a striking resemblence of Cameryn Grace and myself around her age. This is me...perhaps on my first birthday as the hint from eating cake. Scroll down to see Cameryn who is on the right side. (Thanks, Dad for bringthing the pictures over.)

Striking Resemblence

What do you think? Cameryn Grace is on the right side, if you don't know who's who by now. We definately have the same eyes. Mine were blue back then too. I hope hers will stay that color.

Video of the twins' first bath in a big tub!

So finally the bathtub is done (minus a few cosmetics we need to complete. The girls got their first bath in the big tub. It is so different, but they seemed to enjoy it. I'm not sure how long these "bath rings" will last since they were wanting to get up. Here's some video of it. Enjoy!
Updates- Cameryn Grace is now standing up all by herself.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our Little Sunflower Girls

Last Monday I took the girls in to the Picture People to get their pictures taken in a special Sunflower costume. It reminds me of the Anne Geddes (sp) photographs. Maddison took TWO steps today!!!! Uncle Grayson was over today helping redo our bathtub area. After tomorrow it will be the first time the girls will actually take a bath in a real tub! They have been using the infant bathtub over the kitchen sink. Long story short..while I was humungisly pregnant and tried to push myself to a sitting position and it pushed tiles into the wall and from there we had plumbing issues as well. Well...we will sure be so grateful and happy when it is done. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Lovely Twins Cameryn Grace (left) and Maddison (right)

I can't believe 10 months has already passed. I also can't believe how much they have changed from the time they were born. Cameryn Grace is now almost 22 lbs and 30" tall. She is a total sweetheart, easy going, and loves to dance. Maddison is now almost 18 lbs and 27 3/4"tall. She is a ray of sunshine, a total drama queen, and is very active. Both are crawling and cruising. Maddison took her first step last week. They both love to practice walking though. Their favorite game to play right now is "chase." They squeel with laughter while chasing each other and watching to make sure the other is following. I was told they would be in opposite directions once they got mobile, however that is not the case. They want to be where the other is. I'm so glad they enjoy each other's company. It is surely fun to watch this unique twin bond that they have. That's all for now! :)